gallery STORM OF LINKS – New paradigm shifts looming …?

  • Record low/negative Bond yields: Trick or Treat?

Central Banks’ actions may have unintended detrimental consequences beyond the targeted growth stimulus…

“You have to pay to come to the dinner table and then sit there staring at an empty plate.”

-> legendary bond investor, Bill Gross on “undeclared currency wars” & “race to the interest rate bottom” (

  • The Return of Volatility to Wall St? 

More aggressive selling due to speculations of sooner rather than later rates rise, amid better-than-expected jobs reports (Money Beat –

  • The Rise of the Strong Dollar: Headwind or Tailwind for the US Economy?

White House Admits “Strong Dollar Is Headwind For Growth(

  • Are we heading towards the €/$ parity?

-> Chart of the Day – (

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