• Changing Clients’ needs calls for Innovation in the Asset management industry?

And redefinitions of classical definitions such a risk and diversification, topped by evolving financial regulations will be the driving forces … (


  • Forget about Asset Allocation… What really matters? FEES!

“asset allocation matters much less than investors think […]But what does matter is how much you pay in fees.” ( 


  • Fees do seem to matter the most, but is there something else investors seem to forget about? TAXES!

– ETFs as an inherently tax efficient vehicle (

– simple tax strategies with ETFs (

  • Why do investors insist on allocating money to HEDGE FUNDS?

– cons: [J.C. Bogle –“the relentless rules of humble arithmetic.” The more you pay, the less you keep.] (

pros: “it comes down to trusting an individual versus trusting everybody” (


  • Is CASH really an asset class?

” keep three to six months living expenses in cash on hand, but … anything beyond that is purely emotional or closet market-timing” (

  • Does GOLD really deserve a spot in your Asset Allocation?

– “Gold is a safe store of value but not an investment” (

– Academic Insight – The Truth about Gold (

-> Chart of the Day: Gold in Retreat(

gold chart
“March has a history of being the worst month for gold”

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