aside iFuture? (yes … but YouPay!)

Tech Giants continue their investment battle for tomorrow’s products and services: land of promises or ever growing risk taking?

  • APPLE leading the way…

Apple has been busy lately, recently announcing the launching of two new promising products and the latest MacBook. (

Brace yourselves, the Apple watch is coming… (

The company’s innovative “smartwatch” has been at the center of all attention, leading certain analysts to suggest that it might propel Apple into yet another dimension, reaching the $1 Trillion worth… (

What $1 trillion looks like...(Image:"Not a Blog")

Their $10000 gold edition watch is similarly making the buzz. An interesting analysis here on how this pricing scheme is actually beneficial for all, in particular for those that would never buy this timepiece (

  • Other star players trying to keep up…

Tech Giant Ratuken leads the investment round for UBER competitor Lyft (

Alibaba continues its “investment spree”, now in upcoming Chinese connected car (

  •  …while Snapchat finds yet another large investor in Chinese Giant Alibaba (

Alibaba has been known to invest largely in all new and promising technology, but their hoped gain from Snapchat is still intriguing (

Nonetheless, Snapchat is not the revenue-less only messaging start-up anymore, and their current expansion and initiatives can be seen as very promising for their continuing growth (

“Discover” the new promising feature of Snapchat, attracting innovative media and news outlets such as Vice ( but also traditional players as CNN and ESPN (

Nonetheless, these prominent players, with their substantial investments in successful or promising projects, are not the only ones trying to access the next possible goldmine. New tech start-ups and opportunities to fund them for private investors are become more and more common..
  • Should we start worrying about where this path might lead?

It is always wise to listen to Mark Cuban warning us about the dangers of falling into another (worse) Tech Bubble due to increased and uncontrolled investments in new techs and related Apps: “If stock in a company is worth what somebody will pay for it, what is the stock of a company worth when there is no place to sell ?”
(, part1part2)

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