gallery STORM OF LINKS – Happy $aint Patrick’$ Day!

A Drink precedes a Story.”

Irish Proverb

#10: St. Patrick wasn’t Irish…

  • Guinness expected to profit (as usual) from St. Patrick’s Day…

Guinness, the iconic Irish beer, expects to sell 7.5m pints on St Patrick’s Day – almost twice what it sells on a standard day” (

reminderNigeria is Guinness’ second largest market

  • … amid rough times for the Beer Industry (Guinness included)

“In spite of its St Patrick’s Day marketing, sales of Guinness are falling around the rich world—along with those of other beers” (

  • Exploit St. Patrick’s Day on trading floors?

“Gains the day before Saint Patrick’s Day have proved to be greater than the day itself and the day after”  (

  • An alternative? “Go Green” on St. Patrick’s Day!

You can check out Green Mutual Funds to embrace the rising popularity of Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI(

for further readings: Why SRI doesn’t necessarily hurt an investor’s returns? Alternative profitable vehicles (

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(Yes, this is indeed the term we coined for our loyal readers… Oh and yes, we are Star Wars fans).


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