5 Well Thought ETF TICKERS – Part 1 (SECTORS edition)

Despite the old adage goes: “Do not judge judge a book by its cover”, in case you were to consider ETFs only by their “cover”, that is their ticker symbol, here is a list of clever (but, watch out, not necessarily profitable) ETFs names.

This Part 1 will focus on “Sector ETFs”. Stay tuned for upcoming Part 2 & 3, respectively on “Strategies” and “Commodities” …

Issuer: Guggenheim

Expense Ratio: 0.70%

Investment Strategy: This ETF follows an index which is designed to track companies within the following business segments of the solar energy industry

=> This ETF has had an explosive performance this year… If you are considering investing in it, try not to get burned!

Issuer: Van Eck

Expense Ratio: 0.55%

Investment Strategy: This fund provides exposure to publicly traded companies worldwide that derive a majority of their revenues from the business of agriculture.

Does the name reminds you of a sound that “rings a bell”?

Issuer: PureFunds

Expense Ratio: 0.75%

Investment Strategy: this ETF is designed to reflect the performance of companies involved in the cyber security industry

=> A very clever name, for a very hot topic lately…

Issuer: Exchange Traded Concepts

Expense Ratio: 0.95%

Investment Strategy: This one is designed to measure the performance of robotics-related and/or automation-related companies.

Well, this one is pretty straight-forward isn’t it?

Issuer: AdvisorShares

Expense Ratio: 1.61%

Investment Strategy: From the fund factsheet, we get that its aim is to achieve long-term capital appreciation with an emphasis on absolute (positive) returns and low sensitivity to traditional financial market indices.

=> The particular ETF name comes from the fact that it mainly focuses on Socially Responsible Investing. The obvious pitfall lies in the hefty fees. In fact, as Herb Greenberg puts it:

“This actively managed ETF is appropriately named, because it actively forces shareholders to GIVE lots of money to the ETF company.”

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